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Quiet, Insecure and In Love. Life as a Typical Army Girlfriend.

This is extremely hard for me, especially since things between us just took a turn for the worst… I’m not really sure why or how you fell out of love but you did… You moved on. You left me in the dust, heart broken, confused and maybe a little ashamed that I thought a love like what we had was unbreakable. We spent almost 4 incredible years together, battling what most relationships deem impossible. Distance. Fights. Heartbreak. Love. Forgiveness. And even a planned future. We truly had everything going for us. Yes. We were young, crazy, stupid but in love. Everyone saw what we had. What we were working for and even what the future had in store for us. And even after all this pain you put me through I want you back more than anything in this world Collin James. People call me dumb, stupid, pathetic and insecure. But it’s not any of that. It’s love. All the love I have for you. I hope some time apart shows you how I’ve felt all along. Maybe you’ll grow up and realize what you left behind… and someday may our paths cross again so we can be young, crazy and stupid in love all over again. So this is my love letter to you Collin. Wherever you may be, just know there’s always going to be someone out there that loves you. Me.

I want you. I want your sleepy confused look when you wake up, and the smile that follows. I want to be the warmth that fills the space in your bed. I don’t want to share you.

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love this

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Getting your heart broken does kill you inside and the pain is so bad but with time, it will heal and it makes you become a much stronger and more aware person. Just remember that.

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maggiefoshort asked: To the last anon: when my fiancé and I were long distance, we would have amazing visits and then after he would act just like that. Things changed once we closed the distance. Now were engaged! So it might be normal :)

Anonymous asked: I recently just got home from visiting my boyfriend, since he didnt have enough days to make it home for christmas. During the trip everything was perfect and lovey and couldnt have been better. Now all the sudden he is freaking out on me that he doesnt love me anymore and he doesnt want to be with me. I cant lose him, hes my everything. What do i do?


If y’all are at a distance, the only thing you can do is give him time to think. 
If y’all had a great time and you feel like everything went perfectly, he probably feels different about it. I’m sorry /: As much as we all wish it could happen, you can’t control someone’s feelings and emotions. 


Love those :)

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Recently just got home from my trip to visit my soldier. Literally the best week of my life, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him

Currently sitting in my layover, sipping my chai latte… waiting for the boarding call for my final flight to see MY SOLDIER. Cannot wait!

He’s perfect

Marry someone who lets you have a bite of their brownie, even when you said you weren’t hungry. Marry someone who laughs at the same things you do. Marry someone who kisses your nose on a cold day. Marry someone who you can watch Disney movies with. Marry someone who is proud of you whether you earn £5 a week or £5,000 a week. Marry someone who you can tell everything to. Marry someone who isn’t afraid or embarrassed to hold your hand in public. Marry someone who lets you take over when decorating a cake. Marry someone who you can spend the day in Ikea with without feeling stressed. Marry someone who wraps you up inside their coat in the winter. Marry someone who accepts your fears and phobias. Marry someone who gives you butterflies every time you hear their key in the door. Marry someone who you don’t always have to shave your legs for. Marry someone who accepts you all day every day, even when you don’t look or feel your best. Marry someone who puts three sugars in your tea, despite telling them “just the two”. Marry someone who doesn’t judge you when you eat your body weight in cookies. Marry someone who doesn’t make you want to check your phone, because you know they will reply. Marry someone who waits with you to get on the train. Marry someone who understands that you need to be alone sometimes. Marry someone who gets on well with your parents and isn’t uptight about family events. Marry someone who calms you down when you get mad about stupid stuff, and never tells you it’s “only stupid stuff”. Marry someone who makes you want to be a better person. Marry someone who makes you laugh. Marry someone who you love. Marry your soulmate, your lover, your best friend.

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holy shit. this is perfect.

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